verbatim clip-it usb paperclip drive tie

Verbatim has come up with a series of USB flash drives named the Clip-it Store ‘n’ Go drive that comes with a paperclip design. This handy design makes the USB drive a little more useful as it allows the USB flash drive to be clipped onto paper documents for digital media distribution.

verbatim clip-it usb paperclip drive

This is pretty much a real-world implementation of the USB paperclip flash drive that was featured previously here on Internet Siao as a conceptual design. Just like the USB paperclip concept, the clip of the Store ‘n’ Go drives look like they come with a fixed width, so they’re probably suitable for holding on to a few pieces of paper and not a huge stack.

The Store ‘n’ Go Clip-it USB flash drive is available in seven colors and capacities of 2GB and 4GB.

The bright colors do make the USB look more trendy and great as gifts for corporate seminars, though I doubt they will become part of a fashion accessory revolution anytime soon.