victorinox swissbeat swiss army knife mp3 player 

Behold, the king of Swiss army knives has arrived. Well at least for music lovers. This is a Swiss army multi-tool gadget that comes with a detachable 2GB MP3 player!

victorinox swissbeat mp3 player

I guess hikers and gadget guys still need some entertainment in the form of music so if one is willing to trade a couple of tools on a Swiss army knife for an MP3 player, the Victorinox SwissBeat is surely a good choice.

Besides having a Swiss army knife in the pocket for convenience, Mr Fixit can now look even cooler listening to music while fixing a broken pipe. Also a good way to kill time if there aren’t any jobs pending.

The only drawback is that the SwissBeat MP3 player still needs to run on batteries, which totally makes one that runs on solar power sound so good right now. The Victorinox SwissBeat MP3 player retails for $224.99 on Amazon.