The days of having to stay alert and focused behind the wheel may soon be over, at least proven by this video of the Google self-driven car on this closed circuit course. This car is equipped with GPS and navigation features that allow it to drive independently.

Imagine a cross-country driving stint, when the driver only needs to actually drive is along rest stops and for refueling while most of the time in the vehicle he can sleep, watch videos or simply enjoy the scenery. That’s just about the same as an autopilot on an aircraft, simply set the course and let the car do the job.

Watch the videos of the Google self-driving car in action, driving by itself accurately in aggressive mode in the closed circuit course from outside and inside views:




This will certainly take the boredom out of driving in the future for us, with a bonus increase in productivity as well. We can catch up on the news and check work email while on the way to work for example, and even have the windshield turned a computer monitor by equipping it with a projection display system. All that with an overall increase in safety when human input errors are taken out of the equation.

We can only admit that computers systems still have an unparalleled advantage over human beings when it comes to sensitivity and reflexes.