voltmaker swing external battery power pack 1

External batteries these days are a necessity for those with power-hungry devices like smartphones. Here’s one external battery that not only provides battery power to your mobile phone but also can be recharged by swinging it.

voltmaker swing external battery power pack 2

voltmaker swing external battery power pack 3

The Voltmaker is currently a project on Indiegogo. It is made to work just like an external battery, but comes with an additional recharging feature, where besides the traditional way of plugging it into a power source for filling up the external battery pack, one can also use kinetic energy to charge it up. By flipping up the hinged portion, one will be able to swing it around.

The generator built in the Voltmaker will be able to convert that kinetic motion into electrical energy that can be stored in the battery. Once charged up, the battery pack will be able to recharge your mobile devices, making it possible to generate battery power practically anywhere as long as you are able to feed it with swings.

In addition to its ability as an external battery power pack, it comes with a torch at the other end so it will useful for finding things in the dark.

An interesting concept that is eco-friendly and useful for those who go on outdoor activities like camping and hiking as it can also double up as a useful torch.

More info on this external battery pack at Voltmaker’s website.