wall mounted metal document folder

Making use of folders in the computer is one useful way to organize various digital documents and files. This is the concept that has seen its way from real life to the computer environment, so useful that it has found its way back into real life as a metal folder.

This is a folder that is made to hold files, document, letters in real life. It is made of metal and is made to be mounted on the wall. Since it’s made of metal, it stays in a half-opened state, ready to accept or let go of stuff like magazines, mail, memos and other stuff.

Depending on the way you want your stuff to be arranged, the metal folder will be there to serve its purpose of helping a room or home to be kept tidy and organized. Since it’s made of metal, it will also serve as a good base for stuff like magnetized key chains so you do not lose your keys.

An interesting wall-mounted furniture that will be perfect for a home or office.

The metal wall folder retails for $48 from Uncommon Goods.