wardrobe chalkboard combo 1

A wardrobe is one of those necessities in a bedroom. Often you can find mirrors attached to its hinged surface for convenience. However here’s one wardrobe that is designed without a mirror, but a chalkboard instead.

wardrobe chalkboard combo 2

The Writable Wardrobe by Timothybenfurniture is a wardrobe that comes with a chalkboard on it. With a chalkboard, it makes the wardrobe useful for taking memos and reminders. Also great for keeping an analog to-do list instead of writing it in your smartphone.

Since the chalkboard can usually be seen from the bed, it can also be used for writing wishes and words of motivation. This way, you will get to see it before you go to bed at night and read it the first thing in the morning.

A useful and interesting design for a wardrobe that comes with a chalkboard.