If you’re like me who has never solved a rubik’s cube ever in your life (nope, taking them apart and putting them back isn’t counted), then you’ll find the toy below an absolute brain-whacker. It looks like a rubik’s cube but instead of having colours imprinted on them you get numbers from 1-9 on each side of the cube.


Meet the Sudokube, a marriage of the rubik’s cube and sudoku into a single toy. Just thinking about how to solve it simply leaves my mind in a tangled mess.

However, one man’s poison is another man’s meat as you will see in the video below, where a guy shows us his skills with a similar Sudokube. There are three parts to the video but let’s just skip to the last where he actually solves it. Phew!

Video of the Sudokube in action after the jump.

via gearfuse