water cooled nintendo wii casemod 1

This has to be the coolest Nintendo Wii casemod yet. A Nintendo Wii game console had its entire shell replaced by a metal casing along with two water-cooling reservoirs added on either sides, turning it into one mean-looking piece of machinery.

water cooled nintendo wii casemod 2

water cooled nintendo wii casemod 3

Made by Angel OD from bit-tech.net forums, this awesome Nintendo Wii casemod named the ‘Nintendo Wii UNLimited Edition’ also makes this the first Nintendo Wii of its kind – a water cooled Nintendo Wii. One that features two coolant cylinders by the side of the main chassis followed by the addition of a digital thermometer for good measure.

A water-cooled Wii is certainly very rare, as the chances of one overheating will never match the PS3 or the notorious Xbox 360 in relation to the graphics processing load but hey, an awesome mod is still an awesome mod.

Just to point out, the sleek-looking metal waterblock with the letters spelling out ‘Wii’ is definitely the highlight of this entire Wii casemod.