water pressure powered fm shower radio

Want to listen to tunes or the news on the radio while taking a shower? Here’s an alternative to using battery-powered waterproof radios in the shower with a twist. This water pressure powered shower radio from H2O not only lets you listen to the radio right in the shower but will never need to be charged.

water pressure powered fm shower radio diagram

The shower radio makes use of the natural water pressure that exists along the pipes to the shower faucet to power itself via the internal turbine located inside the gadget. This means that the radio once inserted along the flow of water between the pipes going to the shower faucet will never run out of power as long as there’s water running through, making it much more convenient compared to recharging or replacing the batteries in the radio when power has been depleted.

Watch the video of the water pressure powered FM shower radio in action:



Definitely great for those who want to catch up on news in the morning before work or simply to enjoy listening to music continuously in the bathroom while having a shower. The shower radio supports FM radio and is available from H2O at £34.99 each and starts shipping from the middle of April 2011.