Seasoned outdoor photographers usually have to endure different forms of weather such as waiting out a storm or travelling on different types of terrain just to get that perfect shot. Here’s a clever DSLR accessory that will help make all that a little less painful by protecting it from rain and dust on the go.

The zippable dustproof and waterproof transparent bag for DSLR cameras allows photographers to carry their cameras without the usual carrying case while protecting it from getting damaged by the elements. It also eliminates the hassle of having to remove the lens from the DSLR camera before you pack off and move to the next shooting location.

Another great thing is that you can shoot right from the bag without the need to take the camera out at all, making it even more convenient during photography sessions where there is chance of your camera getting in contact with water.

If you’re not willing to trust your precious DSLR camera to a cheap freezer bag then this waterproof and transparent bag looks to be a great protective accessory for your DSLR camera. 1,980 yen, Thanko Japan.