watertight underwater iphone case 1

Who says the iPhone and water don’t go well together? At least not without this watertight iPhone case. This watertight iPhone case ensures a watertight fitting that will allow you to take your iPhone anywhere with the harshest elements like dust, snow and rain.

watertight underwater iphone case 2watertight underwater iphone case 3

Not only will the iPhone be impervious to stuff like dust, snow and rain, the coolest thing is that now you can even take it with you for a dip in the pool and take some cool underwater video clips and photographs directly with your iPhone’s camera. Not only that, with a touch-sensitive skin for the casing’s surface, you can even play Angry Birds or Cut the Rope while enjoying the cool waters in the pool on a hot day.

The watertight underwater Aqua Phone Case is compatible with all versions of iPhone and Blackberry smartphones and retails for £19.99 from Firebox UK.