webike desk power generating exercise bike 1

This is the WeBike from WeWatt, a workstation and exercising station in one. For those who can’t seem to get off their desk while working or gaming, this could be yet another excuse for not getting up from a desk. With this stationary bicycle built into a desk and seat combo, one can simply do what they normally do on their computers while sweating it out at the same time.

webike-desk-power-generating-exercise-bike 2

However, that’s not all. Besides burning off extra calories while cycling at the WeBike pod, the power generated from cycling gets turned into something pretty useful, and that’s electricity which can be used for recharging portable gadgets such as mobile phones and media players.

The WeBike pods can be configured in a single row or in a circular formation according to needs; each of them come with smart LEDs that display the amount of electricity currently generated and the remaining electrical charge available for charging devices.

The WeBike power-generating exercise bike desk is set to go at a price €9,950, where the makers have indicated that it shall make its debut at Brussels Airport in the near future.