Its time again for weekly quick picks! On the lineup we have a house with furniture completely made of wood, a maid cafe in Canada, the largest 3D street painting in the world and much more.

1. Largest 3-D Street Painting In the World

Largest 3D Street Painting In The World

2. Toronto I Maid Cafe

Toronto I Maid Cafe

3. Jellyfish 45 Partially Submerged Home

Partially Submerged House

4. Completely Wooden House and Everything Else

Completely Wooden House

5. Collapsible Nifty Dish Racks

Collapsible Dish Racks

6. Freshly Baked Food Drives

USB Food Drives

7. Homer Simpson Mouse and Mousepad

Homer Simpson Mouse Set

8. Mario and Luigi Remote Controlled Mini Golfers

Mario Luigi Golf

9. USB Arcade Whack It!

USB Whack It!