We have a total of 12 links that made it to the list this week! This week, check out a thrill ride built into a building in Japan, a cross stitch bowl, a Pikachu Halloween pumpkin and much more.

1. This amazing steel house took a man 28 years to build by himself. A work of art and dedication.

Amazing Steel House

2. Like what its name implies, the Scooter Desk allows you to perform quick tasks on the computer and move around at the same time.

Scooter Desk

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3. This building in Osaka, Japan has a built-in thrill ride for adventure seekers in the city.

Yabafo Building

4. A painting of a lamp that actually works! Quite a practical idea.

Flat Life

5. Paperclip or Lamp? How about both, The Paperclip Lamp.

Paperclip Lamp

6. You can’t serve soup with this cross-stitch bowl but anything dry is fine.

Cross Stitch

7. You do not just play games with handheld consoles. Check out the Hot Spring Guide and the Dream Skin Care informational Nintendo DS titles.

Nintendo DS Informational Titles

8. More Hello Kitty madness with the Okwap Hello Kitty Phone.

Hello Kitty Phone

9. Samsung came up with a commemorative gold handphone in celebration of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Samsung Anycall E848 Gold Edition

10. Have fun in the bathtub with the Remote Control Rubber Duck.

Remote Control Rubber Duck

11. No ideas for Halloween? Carve a Pika-o-Lantern!

Pikachu Pumpkin

12. Show everyone your alliance with the Geek Awareness Bracelets and be proud of it.

Geek Awareness Bracelets