We have an interesting mix this week! Check out Michael Schumacher’s expensive gift, a Beijing Olympics themed bicycle, a Ms. Pacman ring and many more.

1. These man-made islands shaped to look like the world is a present from Dubai’s crown prince to Schumacher as a parting gift for his last grand prix. Location? Somewhere around Antartica.

Michael Schumacher’s World

2. The PikaCar pictured is part of a fleet that was displayed at one of the Pokémon Centers in Japan. Beats Herbie hands down.


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3. A Chinese national came up with his own tribute for the Beijing 2008 Olympics. China + Olympics = Olympic Bicycle.

Olympic Bicycle

4. If you need a mask for a party either as a Star Wars character or a famous person, download for free, print, cut and you’re done.

Downloadable Free Face Masks

5. Created by Deviantart artist Kickass-peanut, this Xbox 360 plushie is a cute companion for all your gaming escapades.

Cute Xbox 360 Plushie

6. This wallet made to look like a folded piece of dot-matrix printed paper reminds us of the days printing a birthday card took half an hour. Look closer and you will realise that it’s printed with the first 3000 digits of pi.

Pi Wallet

7. The world’s first keypad credit card promises to provide a more secure way of paying for your purchases online.

Keypad Credit Card

8. Inspired by a toiletry item, this toothbrush-shaped sofa looks fun and can give you and your friends a relaxing massage.

Toothbrush Sofa

9. Ah, the good ol’ days of pixel gaming. Accessorize with gaming icons of the past with the Ms. Pacman ring.

Ms. Pacman Ring

10. Let off steam or earn bragging rights with the Desktop Finger Hammer.

Desktop Finger Hammer