This week, there are 10 interesting picks that you should really check out. Some of them include the amazing cardboard art collection, a Flintstones toddler car, a Swarovski bejewelled Hello Kitty Laptop and so much more.

1. This amazing cardboard art collection by Chris Gilmour showcases the incredble work and detail modelling objects out of cardboard.

Amazing Cardboard Art

2. This Darth Vader model made of Lego bricks is part of a big collection of awesome Lego creations found on the web. Don’t forget to check out an iPhone made of Lego too.

Darth Vader Lego

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3. Yet another Hello Kitty inspired item. The Hello Kitty laptop by NEC comes adorned with Swarovski crystals, including the cute Hello Kitty USB thumb drive and optical mouse.

Hello Kitty Laptop

4. This may be a delicacy in Asia, but the chicken foot USB thumb drive is unfortunately inedible.

Chicken Foot USB Thumb Drive

5. Looking at these donut-shaped USB thumb drives makes both Homer Simpson and me hungry.

Donut USB Thumb Drive

6. These Phone Fingers are simply condoms for your fingers so your iPhone screen stays virgin-ly clean.

Phone Fingers

7. The Popcorn Fork allows you to enjoy your popcorn without flavouring your remote and the couch.

Popcorn Fork

8. Never trip on a rope again with the Ropeless Jump Rope.

Ropeless Jump Rope

9. This is not the work of photoshop. The Levitating Lamp uses its own propriety technology to get itself to defy gravity.

Levitating Lamp

10. Yabba-Dabba-Doo! Its a Flintstones car for toddlers. You can learn to make yours too here.

Flintstones Toddler Car