It’s time again for weekly quick picks! This week, check out some amazing car dust art, the world’s most expensive remote control, cute Super Mario cupcakes and much more.

1. This picture was drawn on a car that had its windscreen covered in dust. The artist, Scott Wade has definitely turned dusty cars into works of art.

Car Dust Art

2. These cute Super Mario cupcakes by Hello Naomi on Flickr are simply too beautiful to be eaten.

Super Mario Cupcakes

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3. Online game provider GK Power based in Seoul came up with a diamond studded credit card for its VIP customers and they are worth about 300 times that of ordinary credit cards.

Diamond Studded Credit Card

4. The world’s most expensive remote control made of pure gold comes at a price in excess of SGD$43,536.

World’s Most Expensive Remote Control

5. The Voltan which means ‘flying fish’ is the futuristic concept for the new-age sail boat. With its movable solid solar sails, the boat is capable of harnessing both the power of the sun and the wind for maximum efficiency.

The Flying Fish

6. Bored of playing hangman with just a paper and pen? The 3D Hangman brings the game to er… ‘life’.

3D Hangman Game

7. Bring a spark of humour into your kitchen with the circus act knife block.

Circus Act Knife Block

8. The cute pig lighter takes in gas from its rear and snorts fire out of its nose.

Cute Pig Lighter