After a one week break, the weekly quick picks segment is back again. This week, check out a $75,000 Swarovski crystal-studded toilet bowl, a Santa Claus Toilet bowl for the holidays, a Wii-mote cabinet and many more!

1. Designer Jemal Wright came up with this toilet bowl covered in Swarovski crystals for a stunning price of $75,000. Not only that, it is said that there is a crystal-studded sink to match as well.

Swarovski Studded Toilet Bowl

2. Get into the Christmas spirit with the Santa Claus toilet bowl decoration. Guaranteed to wow your guests.

Santa Claus Toilet Bowl Decoration

3. Going out clubbing? Don’t leave your house without the T-Groove shirt that dances to the music. All it needs is the power from 4-AAA batteries.

T-Groove Dancing Shirt

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4. If you need to have the ability to write covertly to your special informants, then you’ll appreciate what the Spy Pen has to offer. It writes messages activated only by UV-light and allows the message to be shredded after consumption.

Spy Pen

5. This is a must have for the ultimate Nintendo fanatic. A cabinet made to look like a Wii-mote to complete your room.

Wiimote Cabinet

6. A Star Wars fan using an ordinary Wiimote simply doesn’t cut it. Make sure you use the Wii Light Sword instead.

Wii Light Sword

7. For poor souls who do not have a window in their room, a fake window can be attached on a wall to simulate one.


8. Start the new year with a 2008 Hello Kitty gold pocket calendar, where the cute feline is dressed for the chinese year of the Rat in 2008.

Hello Kitty 2008 Gold Pocket Calendar

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