It’s time for weekly quick picks again! The rainy season has also started few days ago. This week, we see a couple more Swarovski crusted blings, a very useful set of cards, a flying alarm clock and much more.

1. This Nintendo Wii packed with Swarovski crystals displays a Zelda theme in bling.

Swarovski Encrusted Wii

2. A set of cards that serve many useful functions, and they all fit into a wallet or pocket easily.

Useful Cards

3. An innovative way of recycling used computer parts turning an old Apple G3 into a mail box.

Apple Mailbox

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4. Here’s another alarm clock that tries to be more efficient in a wacky sort of way, by flying up to evade being switched off when it’s time for the owner to get awake!

Flying Alarm Clock

5. A Hello Kitty bicycle gets dressed in Swarovski crystals. A definite attention grabber.

Swarovski Hello Kitty Bicycle

6. If boring lunchboxes err… bore you, these atomic food containers will definitely scare your friends off.

Atomic Food Containers

7. Street Fighter is getting its hype from the gaming community again with a preview screenshot of its new title ‘Street Fighter IV‘. Chun Li’s hometown has never been so well defined.

Street Fighter IV Preview Screenshot

8. Bring laughter, shy giggles and chuckles to the office with the USB Humping Dog.

USB Humping Dog

That’s all for this week’s edition of weekly quick picks! If you like this blog, do subscribe to the rss feed via the subscribe link on the sidebar.