whale lee multipurpose iphone 5 case 1

There are many iPhone 5 cases around. Some of us go for the looks, while others go for functionality. Here’s one iPhone 5 case that both fun to look at and very functional and multipurpose at the same time.

whale lee multipurpose iphone 5 case 2

whale lee multipurpose iphone 5 case 3

The Whale Lee multipurpose iPhone case is an iPhone case that comes in the shape of a whale. A whale with a huge curved tail, that is. Not only does this tail provide a very bold yet interesting look, it is also the same part of the iPhone 5 case that provides most of its special features.

As the tail portion comes with curve, it acts just like a hook so it will be able to hang off cylindrical objects such as bars or railings. This will provide a nice anchor point for certain spots where you can use the iPhone hands-free. Even if there’s no place where you can hang it from the tail will work as a stand and make it possible for the iPhone 5 to stand up in landscape mode for use on flat surfaces like a table.

whale lee multipurpose iphone 5 case 4

However, that’s not the end of its features. The hooked part of the tail also allow a pair of earphones to be wound up around when not in use, and if that’s not enough, on the inner-side of the case there is quite a bit of storage to store just about anything that fits in it like phone accessories.

Since it’s a pretty large iPhone case, this will be more suitable for those who keep the phone in a bag than for one that goes in a pocket.

An interesting-looking iPhone case that looks very unique and comes packed with features and functionality.

The Whale Lee multipurpose iPhone 5 case comes in 5 colors, black, gray, white, pink, blue, and retails for $23 from Connect Design.