whale tea infuser 1

Here’s one tea infuser that comes from the depths of the great oceans, a whale tea infuser.

whale tea infuser 2

This whale infuser is an infuser that comes with a mesh that acts as a permeable barrier between water and loose tea leaves. The outer shell is shaped like a whale and to use it, the top and the bottom needs to be separated for the mesh portion to be inserted into a cup of hot water.

The tail of the whale is what makes it useful, it can be used for hanging the infuser by the rim of the cup, so there’s no need to fish it out from the cup with bare fingers when the tea is ready for drinking.

When the infuser is removed, the cap can be placed over the mesh so that the tea does not stain the surface of the table, where it can be picked up to be cleaned way after you’ve enjoyed your cup of tea.

A cute and useful design to a tea infuser with an ocean theme.

The whale mesh tea infuser retails for $16 from Urban Outfitters.