what? gravity mobile phone stand 1

Mobile phone stands and holders are pretty useful for techies, as it allocates a space on your desk for your gadgets to be placed on. Not only that the stand also keeps the screen upright and facing towards you compared to having the phone lying face-up the table so with this stand in place there’s no need to scramble around to get the phone’s screen in view just to see who’s calling.

what? gravity mobile phone stand 2

what? gravity mobile phone stand 3

what? gravity mobile phone stand 4

Here’s one mobile phone and gadget stand called “What? Gravity” by Ideasbynet that not only keeps your stuff in place, it actually turns them into gravity-defying gadgets as well. The secret is behind the gel-based ultra-sticky backing that grips onto any smartphone or gadget stuck on it, and doesn’t let go until it gets peeled off the stand.

Watch the creatively made video clip of the “What? Gravity” mobile phone stand in action below:



One cool and useful mobile phone stand for techies with lots of gadgets and also for those who tend to misplace their mobile phones often, even in their own homes.