egg yolk separator whisk 1

When there’s a whisk involved in cooking, there’s a good chance that there is egg in the recipe. When there’s egg involved there’s also a chance that egg yolk separation is needed. Here’s one whisk that makes it easy to not only whisk egg or batter but also separate an egg from yolk its white.

egg yolk separator whisk 2

egg yolk separator whisk 3

The egg yolk separating whisk comes with its spokes designed not only for whisking liquids, but a section shaped into an inverted dome for separating an egg yolk.

All you need to do is to crack an egg onto the inverted dome-shaped recess. What will happen is that the egg yolk will stay in place right on top, while the rest of the egg will flow through the whisk. Perhaps while using the whisk you should practice cracking an egg with one hand to perform the task perfectly.

A cool whisk design that turns the ordinary whisk into one that comes with a secondary useful purpose, which is to separate egg yolks from eggs.

The multipurpose egg yolk separator whisk is currently a project design by Ivan Zhang.