wind powered generator bicycle attachment 1

Spend quite a lot of of energy riding a bicycle regularly? Now with this clever gadget, you can get some of that energy back as electrical energy.

wind powered generator bicycle attachment 2

wind powered generator bicycle attachment 3

This is a wind-powered generator that comes with an internal battery. It gets its power from two sources, which is from the fan blades that spin when air passes through it, and also by direct charging from a powered USB port like from a laptop or USB AC adaptor.

With the different connectors provided, the USB port will be able to charge up your portable devices when you need it outdoors. In addition to providing power via USB in power bank mode, it can also be turned into a bicycle lamp for cycling in low-light conditions.

A useful wind-powered generator cum power bank perfect for those who cycle regularly.

The wind-powered power bank with LED light retails for 4,980 yen from Thanko Japan.