wind up battery 1

Back in the days before video games and battery powered toys – yes there were days like that; you can be sure to find wind-up toys in a kid’s toy collection during that era. This is a design for a rechargeable wind-up battery that recharges itself via the potential energy of a wound-up spring.

wind up battery 2

The wind-up battery is a design conceived by Yeon Kyeong Hwang & Mieong Ho Kang. The rechargeable battery consists of two parts, the usual portion where the battery’s electrical charge is held and an additional portion which holds the self-charging and wind-up mechanism.

Unlike a charging method like say a hand-cranking charging system, the wind-up battery allows the top portion to be wound up beforehand and left on its own to charge while being placed in a bag. After some time as the spring has been unwound the battery will have collected enough charge to power up other devices.

While it does look good as a concept, having the wind-up battery converting potential energy into kinetic energy and finally into electrical charge does not seem to be practical. This is due to the loss of energy that occurs during each stage of energy conversion. Considering that and the size of the available space for holding the charge this form of wind-up battery will probably end up being more suitable for low-powered electronic gadgets like remote controls and portable radios rather than high-powered devices such as digital cameras and camcorders.