winstream wireless charging iphone casing 1

Some of us have already heard of wireless charging systems for smartphones. Which allows a smartphone like an iPhone to be recharged using magnetic induction through contact instead of using the conventional method of charging with a charging cable.

winstream wireless charging iphone casing 2

Here’s one wireless charging iPhone casing that looks interesting. The Winstream wireless charging case, spotted at Computex 2012 is an iPhone casing that allows the iPhone to not only receive wireless power for recharging its own battery but can also turn provider, with the ability to transmit battery power to a second phone.

In other words, it’s a wireless charging add-on that can receive and transmit wireless power. This will be quite useful for couples who both have the casing installed on their mobile phones and when one of them runs low on battery, the other one can be used to pass some battery juice enough for the phone to continue working instead of shutting down when the battery dies out.

Watch the video of the Winstream wireless charging iPhone case in action below:



One interesting concept for wireless charging of mobile phones. I bet there are many out there who do hope that wireless charging will take off and go mainstream soon.