A piano teacher was arrested after killing her virtual husband in the Japanese MMOG Maple Story. That’s how marriages turn out in virtual reality if not managed properly!

maple story

Here’s how it all started. This woman found out that she had been divorced suddenly in the game by her virtual husband, which made her so angry and sparked off her malicious act of revenge.

Using the login details of the victim (which had been given to her voluntarily in the past), she promptly ‘killed’ her ex-husband’s character in-game. The poor guy got so upset and decided to call the cops on her. Eventually she was arrested and faces a 5-year jail term or a fine of $5,000 if convicted of her crime.

Well, basically it seems that the two parties do not know each other in real life. Why do you want to marry someone that’s just a cartoon on the screen then? Something there that really puzzles me.

Fortunately, no real lives were lost except for a virtual avatar. A lesson to be learned from this incident though — do not give out your login details to anyone, not even your so-called virtual spouses!

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