schlusselbrett home sweet home mr and mrs key holder

There are many ways a bunch of house keys can be stored when not being carried around. They can be hung on a wall using a hook, or simply left lying around on a table or desk. Here’s a much neater way for a set of house keys to be hung on the wall, and they’re made just for a couple.

The Schlusselbrett Home Sweet Home is a wooden board shaped like a house with two key holders, one for Mr and one for Mrs. At the bottom are two wooden cutouts, each representing the Mr and Mrs of the house. Each cutout comes with an eyehook and key-ring at the bottom so that a set of keys can be attached to it. When removed from its house, they can be used just like a keychain and can be carried around just like any other.

Once at home, the keys in their Mr and Mrs key chains can then be placed right into the wooden housing safe for storage. This makes it easy to know whether your other half is already at home or not, while also making sure the keys have a nice place to hang around in the house.

A cute key holder made for couples and perfect for their love-nests.

The wooden hanging Mr and Mrs Key Holder retails for EUR17,50 from German site Nischenartikel.