keyboard with storage compartment

It’s always nice to have a clean and uncluttered desktop be it at the workplace or at home. To achieve this, there are drawers and desk tidies to keep stationery and equipment out of the way when not in use. For those who do not have the luxury of having enough storage space, here’s one computer peripheral with a neat little feature that will help to keep a desk neat and tidy.

The keyboard organizer is a creative-looking PC peripheral that comes with its own storage compartment allowing one to store anything from stationery, USB gadgets and keys right below the keyboard.

It does help to have a keyboard come with a storage compartment, especially for gadget geeks who tend to have lots of devices lying around on their desk all day long and it’s somewhat assuring to know that they will not be hard to find when they are stored right beneath something that is used all the time.

The thing is, we know that computer peripherals like keyboards have the tendency to become faulty after years of use but the good thing is even if this keyboard becomes useless, you still have a storage compartment disguised as a computer keyboard if that happens. The keyboard organizer retails for $29.95 at keyboardorganizer.