If you can’t get enough of World of Warcraft even when you’re off the game, then you shouldn’t miss out on these WoW figurines. You will then be able to observe them up-close right on your desk.

World Of Warcraft Action Figures

These World of Warcraft game figurines produced by DC Direct are now available at ThinkGeek. They come in a set of four and it includes:

  • Rehgar Earthfury, the legendary Orc Shaman – 7.75″ tall
  • Valeera Sanguinar, the stealthy and seductive Blood Elf Rogue – 7″ tall
  • Thargas Anvilmar, the indomitable Dwarf Warrior – 5″ tall (alternate head included)
  • Meryl Felstorm, the fearsome Undead Warlock – 7.5″ tall

The figures are sculpted intricately, well detailed and the accessories almost bring the figures to life. Awesome!

Pricing of each set is at US$49.99 (SGD$72.65).

Buy online from ThinkGeek