The world’s largest E-Paper or Electronic Paper, was showcased at the FPD International 2007 exhibition held in Yokohama, Japan. Measuring at 435mm by 326mm, the e-paper displays content of up to A3 size on its QR – LPD (Quick-Response Liquid Powder Display) interface.

World’s Largest E-Paper

Developed by Bridgestone Japan, the e-paper uses a powder fluid with a high fluidity rate that allows for quick response and very wide view angles. The bi-stability of the charged particles also mean that it consumes very little power. — abstract, Flexible Reflection-Type Display QR-LPD Using Electronic Powder Fluid, TANUMA ITSUO, Bridgestone Corp., JPN

E-paper technology is set to take over traditional inflexible panels and will be useful for ebook displays, electronic signboards and even mobile phones.

During CEATEC Japan 2007, Japan’s top mobile phone provider NTT DoCoMo did showcase a mobile phone using e-paper technology. Using the SiPix Microcup® e-paper technology, the phone’s keys were made with the e-paper that allows the dynamic display of numbers, letters and colours.

The flexibility of e-paper not only physically but also in the application of electronic products makes the e-paper a huge contender in the world of electronic displays. As the technology of e-paper advances we may even see the end of lcd and plasma display panels in the future.

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