elecom baby beans worlds smallest wireless mouse 1

As from 8th December 2011, the Baby Beans wireless mouse from Elecom Japan has become the smallest wireless mouse in the world officially recognized by the Guinness Book of Records. Elecom has managed to pack the working parts of a computer mouse with wireless components into a shell that looks like a bean.

elecom baby beans worlds smallest wireless mouse 2

elecom baby beans worlds smallest wireless mouse 3

The Baby Beans mouse shaped just like a bean, if in a typical size would feel just about right. However being so tiny it’ll probably only do fine when clutched by the fingers of an adult’s hand or by a tot.

As for the dimensions, it measures W35.5×D54.0×H23.0mm and weighs only 20 grams, so one will barely feel anything when using this tiny mouse with the computer. Also, the internal battery can be charged via the USB cable supplied with the mouse.

The Baby Beans wireless mice come in a variety of colors where each colored model represents a different type of bean, which is sure to spice up the look and feel of a desktop or laptop computer.

The Elecom Baby Beans world’s smallest wireless computer mouse goes for 3,599 yen from Amazon Japan.