wristwatch shaped post-it note

People today, as in most of us these days carry a mobile phone with us all the time so we don’t need to carry around a wristwatch anymore. This leaves our wrists empty as the wristwatch becomes obsolete in this generation of technology.

Here’s one clever way to bring the ‘wristwatch’ back into our lives. Instead of carrying one that keeps time, why not a wristwatch shaped sticky note that keeps track of your list of things to do instead?

This watch-shaped post-it note designed by Doriane Favre does exactly just that. Messages that are related to time can be written on the sticky note and then be wrapped around your wrist, reminding you of things that should be done at certain times.

Since it’s in a position that’s easy to spot, it’ll probably be more handy than keeping a digital version of your to-do list in your smartphone where you have to fish it out from your handbag or pocket just to take a look at the list to remind yourself of stuff. Also very handy in case your mobile phone runs out of battery.

Available for 9,80 € from French online retailer PA-Design.