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Owning an external speaker can sometimes be quite useful especially when the built-in speakers and media players do not have the power to play music loud enough for a bunch of people to hear. Also, making use of a powered external speaker can considerably improve the running time of the media player or smartphone it is connected to by reducing the battery load of their built-in speakers.

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The X-Sticker USB vibration resonance speaker is one such external speaker that can be used in place of the built-in speakers on mobile phones and media players. Instead of actually coming with a diaphragm based speaker within like typical speakers, it actually comes with a vibration system that will turn any external flat surfaces like tables or windows into instant impromptu speakers.

By itself, when the resonance speaker is switched on with music playing, the music can barely be heard in the air but when it gets placed onto flat surfaces like glass or wooden tables, the music or sound that comes through the device can be heard coming directly from the surface itself. Depending on the material of the surface, the quality and harmonics of the sound that is produced differs as well. This can be pretty fun for those who like to experiment playing their music through different objects.

Product Features:

  • Play on any surfaces (Wood, glass, floor, metal surface …)
  • 3.5mm audio plug is able to connect with most MP3, MP4, Notebooks and other personal electronic products as source component
  • LED indicator
  • Powered by USB or 2 x AAA batteries (Batteries are NOT included.)
  • Built-in ON/OFF switch
  • Dimensions: 82 x 82 x 25mm (approx.)
  • Weight: 117g

The X-Sticker USB vibration resonance speaker is available in three colors, orange, green, white and retails for $20 each at Brando USB.