yo-yo table lamp 1

Here’s one lamp that doesn’t look like your ordinary home lighting, but more of a toy from childhood. A lamp that comes shaped just like a yo-yo.

yo-yo table lamp 2

yo-yo table lamp 3

The yo-yo table lamp by Luis Eslava is a piece of house lighting that has been designed to look like a giant glowing yo-yo. Diffused light illuminates from both sides of the yo-yo, while the electrical cord that powers the yo-yo lamp is cleverly disguised as the yo-yo string.

Not only does it work as a table lamp, where it looks like a giant yo-yo left behind by child, the yo-yo lamp can also be suspended by means of suspension wires, making it look like it’s floating in mid-air, just like what an ordinary yo-yo in play would look like. It can even be placed on the floor as an additional placement option for low-level illumination.

A beautiful, elegant yet playful-looking piece of home lighting that will surely be a nice fit for the interior of a modern living space.

The yo-yo table lamp retails for $1,484.40 from Amazon.