yoga man silicone smartphone stand 1

Smartphone stands come in many shapes and forms, and here’s one that is made like little men doing yoga.

yoga man silicone smartphone stand 2

yoga man silicone smartphone stand 3

The Yoga smartphone stand is shaped like a little man doing a yoga pose. With that pose in place, this little yoga man is able to prop up gadgets like smartphones and small tablets. The yoga man is made from silicone, therefore its surface will feel rubberized and offer a non-slip surface for the smartphone to rest on.

Besides acting like a smartphone stand, one can also be a little cruel and use it for earphone cord storage. Simply wind the earphone cord around Yoga Man when earphones are not in use.

The shape that it comes in makes it very multipurpose. Besides using it as a smartphone stand, anything that fits within its form will work, including business cards or memo pads.

An interesting multipurpose smartphone stand with many uses and come in many colors.

More info on Yoga Man smartphone stand at Korean site I-Clue Design.