yolkfish egg separator 1

There are many ways to remove an egg yolk from a full egg, and one of the latest and easiest way is to use the principle of suction to extract it from the white. Here’s one gadget that is specifically made for this purpose.

yolkfish egg separator 2

This egg yolk extractor called the Yolkfish, is one that comes with a pocket of air in its belly. To get it to work, you’ll first need to have already cracked an egg or two into a container like a bowl.

Next is to grab the Yolkfish and give it a pinch. Then move its mouth to the yolk and release pressure. The suction effect will extract it right out from the whites. To release the yolk, give the belly  another pinch and the yolk will be pushed out.

A useful and cute-looking gadget especially for cooks and bakers who work with eggs on a regular basis.

The Yolkfish egg yolk extractor retails for $13.99.