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A mug that is turned upside down can’t be used to hold liquid, much less drunk out of. However here’s a set of mugs that are made to look as if have been turned upside down.

muglexia upside down mugs 2

muglexia upside down mugs 3

These upside down mugs, called Muglexia is designed by Henry Franks who crafts them by hand. To actually use the cup, they have to be used as if the mug was upside down. The bottom of the cup is actually made on the opposite side, therefore top becomes bottom and bottom becomes top, making it a funny way to fool your friends into thinking you must have some sort of dyslexia when you hold a cup of beverage in the upside-down mug.

Compared to mugs that have narrow bottoms, these ones have a wider bottom and a narrow neck, which offers a bit more stability.

Finally when you’ve finished your drink and washed the mug, simply set it “the right side up” for storage or for drying, which does make the mugs in storage look a bit neater.

A cool set of mugs that will change the way one drinks out of a mug.

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