edible candy lightsaber 1

We are no strangers to the lightsaber, the cool sword of light used by Jedi masters. Anyone with common sense should know that they should never touch the blade unless they desire an instant sear by the intense heat coming from the illuminated blade of pure energy.

edible candy lightsaber 2

Not with these lightsabers though, for they are meant to be be eaten. These are light up candy lightsabers that are able to light up and taste sweet unlike a real one, not as if one has ever tried to lick a real lightsaber and came back to tell a story about it.

The candy lightsabers come in three colors blue for Luke Skywalker, red for Darth Vader and green that represents Yoda’s colored saber. A press of a button lights it up and you’re ready for a candy swordfight, though it would be extremely gross if you actually took a half-eaten candy lightsaber out to save the universe.

The edible candy lightsabers retail for $3.99 a piece from ThinkGeek.