We’ve heard of solar chargers, crank ’em ups and chargers that generate a charge by vigorous shaking. How about one that is both fun and charges up the iPhone? Meet the iYo, a charger that will juice up gadgets such as the iPhone with a spin.


Without getting too technical, an induction charger generates electrical charge by having magnets move around a coil of wire, which is simply the opposite of using electricity to spin a motor. Therefore it actually makes the yoyo a perfect induction charger, as it basically does nothing but goes round and round.

This is actually a really interesting concept for an eco-friendly charger, imagine how much electric we can generate from yoyo fans around the world? If we can harness all that energy, utility companies are sure to go bust. (nah they won’t)

With such a clever product that combines both fun and eco-friendliness in a package, I wouldn’t mind playing with the iYo for a while to charge my gadgets. Hope that this product turns from design to reality soon.

Video of the iYo:

via treehugger