takara tomy robo goldfish 1

Here’s one cute fish from toymaker Takara Tomy, a fish that isn’t  a living thing at all, but swims quite like the real thing. This Robo fish comes with a water detection system that makes it respond when it comes into contact with water. When placed into a pool of water, it comes alive and starts to swim around, mimicking the swimming action like that of a goldfish.

takara tomy robo goldfish 2

The swimming action is pretty lifelike, so there’s really nothing much left to do except to sit back, relax and watch them swim around in a tank.

Watch the video of the Takara Tomy Robo fish in action below:



A cool Robo fish perfect for a zero-maintenance aquarium or even as a bathtub toy.

More info on the Takara Tomy Robo fish at Takara Tomy’s website.