This guy actually made himself a Youtube costume for Halloween, although I wouldn’t call it a costume as it’s just a piece of cardboard showing the all-so-familiar interface of Gootube. I have to give credit to this guy though, I haven’t seen a costume like that ever in my life. Maybe I’ll add a star for him, it’s only at 1.5 stars currently. Just give him a poke in the ribs to do so.

Youtube Halloween Costume

via Gearfuse

While you’re at it you may also want to check out a TF2 Halloween cosplay after the jump.

In related news, Kotaku has reported a sighting of a TF2 Halloween cosplay. The original site where the picture came from has been dugged so many times the server wouldn’t respond so don’t bother trying the link from The TF2 cosplay team includes all the classes of the game with some pretty neat details especially the work on the heavy machine-gunner’s weapon. Awesome!

TF2 Halloween Cosplay