youtube star shower curtain 1

It may need quite a bit of talent or luck to become a star on Youtube, but here’s one shower curtain that will let anyone who steps into the bath turn into an instant Youtube star.

youtube star shower curtain 2

This shower curtain is a shower curtain that looks just like a video page on Youtube, one that is extremely popular with over 5 million views. A little different about it is that it’s named BathTub instead. On the shower curtain there is a cutout window meant to be the video window, which lets people on the outer side peek through to see the showering ‘star’ in action.

It’s easy to become a star just by stepping into the shower and start to sing your heart out from behind.

A funny shower curtain that is sure to surprise and bring laughs to people who venture into the bathroom.

The BathTub Star bathroom shower curtain retails for $29.90 on Amazon.