zipbuds zippable earbuds

Almost all kinds of earphones and earbuds since the dawn of the age of personal entertainment cannot escape the problem of tangling cables. Many manufacturers have tried methods such as increasing the thickness and reducing flexibility to their cables to address the problem. Here is one unique and clever way the makers of Zipbuds have tackled the age-old problem of messy and tangled earbud cables.

Zipbuds zippable earbuds comes with a pretty neat-looking cable that has a zipper fastening the left and right sides of the cables together. When the user wants to listen to music, the zipper can be pulled down to a comfortable length for both ears and pulled up afterward in a single stroke without any fear of creating a mess of tangled wires to unfurl in the future.

Watch the cheesy video of a nerd picking up a girl with the Zipbuds below:

The Zipbuds zippable earbuds comes in five colors, black, blue, pink, blue/white, pink/white and is available for $39.99 each at DGA.