If you’re an instant messaging addict and have to constantly update your status — what you’re doing, how you’re feeling even away from your laptop or home PC, this portable messenging device is the perfect gadget for you.

Zipit Z2 Wireless Messenger 1

Zipit Z2 Wireless Messenger 2

The Zipit Z2 Wireless Messenger allows you to chat on Yahoo, AOL and MSN instant messaging networks without carrying your laptop outdoors. Now you can broadcast live commentary from any event to your friends on MSN from anywhere that has wifi access. It looks to be a great hit as [email protected], the island-wide wifi coverage is gradually increasing the number of hotspots scattered across Singapore. Besides chatting, you can also listen to music via a miniSD card or streamed from the internet. The device also has a program that allows you to view photo slideshows.

The price tag for this portable gadget is US$149.99 slated for release next month. However there is no information yet on whether it will hit our shores.

Source: engadget