zipmark zipper bookmark 1

Zipper are usually found on apparel, bags and pouches, but here’s one that is made specially for a book. It doesn’t really work as a zipper, but is actually a bookmark.

zipmark zipper bookmark 2

zipmark zipper bookmark 3

The Zipmark is a colorful looking bookmark disguised as a zipper. The top of it looks just like a zipper, while the perpendicular flap is made to be sandwiched between the pages of a book to mark the page. While it doesn’t turn the book into a makeshift wallet or anything, it sure does make a book look pretty unique and stands out well enough to be easily picked out from a distance especially when marked with different colored zipmarks.

A unique-looking bookmark that will be a nice gift for book lovers and students.

The Zipmark bookmark comes in three colors, red, blue, and green and retails for $9 each from Monkey Business.